KG Graduation party celebrated by Both levels I & II was on May 7,2014. Photo shots will be displayed in few days. Thanks for all who have made it a great day for our kids.

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Kg1 & Kg2 Welcome party is to be held Tuesday September 17, 2013.

All Kg Teachers and Children are cordially invited to participate and make it a wonderful event for the new comers. Parents are kindly invited to bring their children at 9.00 Am and stay with his child to acclimatize her or him with the teachers and staff. Parents are kindly asked to share the good moments with their children and not to spoil the whole event by side talks and raising trivial problems. Any discussions with the teachers and inquiries are to be delayed to after the party. Party is expected to conclude at 12.00 Pm same day.

Great Party with Great kids. Well done      

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