Applications for admissions are accepted from January 1st  every year, until available seats are all covered.

Pre-School Nursery (3 -4)

Sakkara Language school has a pre-School Nursery class for children under school age. It provides baby setting, care and entertainment from 9 Am to 2 Pm. Children must be healthy and not suffering of any diseases. Mothers will be interviewed for their way of raising their children. Kids of caring well-educated families will be accepted and admitted.

Pre-School Kinder Garden (3.5 - 5)

According to the ministry of education pre-school regulations, kids between 3.5 & 5 years will be admitted to school starting with KG1. Transfer pupils to KG2 should prove that they spent one year in language kinder garden in Egypt or abroad. Other transfere pupils should submit recognized and endorsed certificates of completed years of study at a recognized language school.
Official Birth certificates and 6 new photographs are required, and an attendance file must be completed including the results of interviewing both the child and the parents.

Primary Education (6- 15)

Five and half years old students who have spent at least one year in recognized language kinder garden can be admitted to the primary school. Birth certificates and endorsed kinder garden attendance documents must be submitted with either teacher recommendation report for Sakkara kids or the interview remarks for the newcomers and their parents. Six new photographs must be attached to the file.
Transfer students should obtain a verification statement from their original educational directorat.

Secondary School (15- 18)

Students holding the certificate of basic education from a language school or equivalent schools abroad may be admitted. Both the official birth certificate and the certificates of completion of the primary/preparatory education are required. Students will be admitted according to their previous scores and reports.

Transfer students should obtain a verification statement from their original educational directorate.

Admission Procedure
1. Please visit the INFORMATION DESK for inquires needed.

2.  Check in at the Accountant Office paying the Application file Non Refundable cost. Vacancies are limited by official school capacity and vacancies available, so the school, has the right to decline any application after all vacancies has been occupied. However, the school transfers bending applications to a waiting list.

3.  The Application is put in a file that is color coded so please make sure you have the right file.

4.  Hand out the filled Application to the Student Affairs Office, and take the Appointment Slip with the exact date, time and place for the interview or exam.

5.  On the day of the interview or exam kindly come on time and proceed to the room indicated on the interview slip. There will be 2 interviews:
* Interview for both parents, presence of the father is a MUST.
* Interview for the student including oral / personal assessment and written exam (subjects indicated on the interview slip)

6.  The school will let you know the result of your acceptance via E-mail (make sure that you provided correct e-mail) or by telephone.

7.  When accepted the Transportation Fees and the 1st Installment of the academic fees have to be paid within two days from the date of sending the acceptance E-mail or telephone notification. This is essential as otherwise the school will consider replacements from the waiting list. Before paying the transportation fees make sure you have submitted the transportation Application form with a map for your home location and accepted the fees as based on destination. Please hand out the transportation fees receipt and information sheet to the transportation service desk, otherwise your child will not automatically be listed on the transportation list.

8.  Upon paying the fees you will receive the school welcome Note and the school re-opening dates for the next academic year.

9.   A week before school starts, please pay a visit to the school to collect the text books, Handing out the fees receipt or a copy is essential to receive the books. Please try to meet the class teacher for detailed methodologies and class instructions as well as opening day instructions.

Thank you for applying at SAKKARA LANGUAGE SCHOOL
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