Important Notice for KG Parents

For Security reasons the school kindly request all KG parents to strictly follow

the instructions which are given below:

1-     Your child will receive two school ID cards. These must be covered with sealed plastic cover.

2-     During the first four working weeks, our child must have an ID card pinned to his shirt on the left-hand side of his chest

3-     For kids who are not using school buses, the parents should come to pick their kids as soon as possible at the end of the school day

4-     If  you are not coming and sending somebody on your behalf, she or he must

      Carry the other ID card

5-     It is forbidden to admit made, drivers, house guards (Bawabeen) to get into the school>

They must wait outside the school and ask the guard for bringing the kid. He must show the other ID card for the superintendent and the school guard.


The relationship between the members of the school, staff, and the students, is based on respect and tolerance.
  • Breaking the school rules will make you vulnerable.

Absences without excuses are absolutely unacceptable.

  • A medical certificate must be presented to the school administration, in case the student is absent for more than three successive days.

Students must be always on time. The school day strictly starts at 7:45 A.M. and ends at 2:00 P.M.

  • Late arriving students will not be permitted to attend the first lesson on the day.

Wearing the school uniform is a must for attending the school. All personal effects must bear the student full name and class code.

  • Students in non-school uniforms will not be admitted to the school.

This report helps the parents to follow up the student progress. It also helps the students in self-evaluation. It must be signed by the parents. Regular assessment is essential for the educational process. Distinguished students are to be appreciated and rewarded by the school administration.

  • Students forging signatures of the parents will create serious problems for parents

Formality is your way for peaceful school practice. It’s forbidden to bring Mobiles, IPAD, CD players, Jewellery, Perfumes, cosmetics, and decorative effects. It’s also forbidden to bring nonschool books, periodicals or magazines. Students should have only the school books in their satchels.

  • Breaking the rules is not permitted.

Parents and the obliging teaching staff should work hand - in - hand and closely cooperate to help the students make good progress. Cooperating students will make utmost benefits of the system.

  • Noncooperating students and parents are odd members of Sakkara family

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