Sakkara Language Schools History

Sakkara Language Schools History

Sakkara Language School is to provide education of the kindergarten, primary, Preparatory and the secondary stages. Being aware of the individual abilities of each child, Sakkara awakens your child’s ability and desire for learning.

It has Innovative teaching in traditional classes. Each class accommodates 20-25 Pupils. No Massive numbers of pupils are allowed. It fosters leadership, collaboration, and Creativity.

Sakkara school opened in 1986, it is a private educational English school. The French and German languages are taught and Health care is available for all the students. Since 1986 we have been making differences to the lives of our students and graduates. Summer courses are available for all   the students who are in need of remedial Classes.

We also believe in the importance of activities as an Integral part of the educational  process. Summer activities are planed whenever possible.

 Our graduates targeted higher education in Engineering, Computer sciences, Medicine, Business Administration as well as Economics and  Political Sciences.

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Book Store

Sakkara-Els Bookstore Occasionally Provides!
Notebooks and stationery as well as colouring and school tools bearing the school name for school activities. Instruct your kid to maintain it.


Sakkara-ELS Care for Your Child!
T Shirts, caps and more can be made available for the Activities on request.