General Rules


  • Formality is a must.
  • It’s forbidden to bring Mobile Phones, MPs or IPAD, Cameras, and CDs.
  • It’s forbidden to bring periodicals or magazines.
  • Students should have only the school books in their satchels.


Important Notice for KG Parents

For Security reasons the school kindly request all KG parents to strictly follow

The instructions given below:

1-     Your child will receive two school ID cards. These must be covered with sealed plastic cover.

2-     During the first four working weeks, our child must have an ID card pined to his shirt on the left hand side of his chest

3-     For kids who are not using school buses, the parents should come to pick their kids as soon as possible at the end of the school day

4-     If  you are not coming and sending some one on your behalf, she or he must Carry the other ID card

5-     It is forbidden to admit made, drivers, house guards (Bawabeen) to get into the school.They must wait outside the school and ask the guard for bringing the kid. He must show the other ID card for the superintendent and the school guard.



Book Store

Sakkara-Els Bookstore Occasionally Provides!
Notebooks and stationery as well as colouring and school tools bearing the school name for school activities. Instruct your kid to maintain it.


Sakkara-ELS Care for Your Child!
T Shirts, caps and more can be made available for the Activities on request.