SLS is managed by a director who is fully responsible for the educational policy and day to day management of the staff (teaching staff as well as other employees) and the stusents. The director is assisted by three vice principals, one for primary and kgs, the second for preparatory, and the third for secondary education.

Each class has a responsible teacher to look after all planning and environmental issues of the class participants. Usually the class teacher is the one who is contributing most of the class teaching hours. Furthermore, the other teachers of the class do give a hand whenever necessary for special arrangements, meetings, and outside activities.

On the environmental side, there is a senior supervisor to watch out for students punctuality, cleaness, and order. She or he manage the inclass orders as well as the outdoor behaviour of the students in between classes and during breaks. She or he is usually assisted by 12 dynamic supervisors, 8 toilets attendants for helping kids and watching out behaviours as well as for cleaning jobs, and two playground waste disposal attendants.

The school is ultimately controlled by a member of the board of trustees and the legal representative of the owners. This implies continuing assessment of all staff and employees all the time. The policy of firing and hiring is continually implemented in the interest of providing the best staff for your kids with minimum interruptions.

Parents should not interfere with such policies as it is made to the best advantage for students. 

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