Book Store




SLS has a book store for collecting the text books. Books are collected twice a year at the beginning of each term. School teachers will instruct the students on the exact dates for collecting the books. Students must hand out the book fees receipt at the book store for collecting their own books.

Parents of the Kgs kids are requested to bring their child on Wednesday 18 and or Thursday  19 September, 2013 to know the classrooms of their children and get familiar with the class teachers. Some introductory class materials will be handed out to the parents.

Book Store

Sakkara-Els Bookstore Occasionally Provides!
Notebooks and stationery as well as colouring and school tools bearing the school name for school activities. Instruct your kid to maintain it.


Sakkara-ELS Care for Your Child!
T Shirts, caps and more can be made available for the Activities on request.